Crossing Guards

When they wake the next morning, the group sets off to find a quick way to Daxia, and attempt to enlist the help of the king. Unfortunately, the guards at the front don’t recognize them but they happen to run into the Loreholder who allows the group the usage of the city’s teleportation circle. Unfortunately, there is no teleportation circle that connects from Daxia to Crestridge but there does happen to be one in Ry’rian which is a day or so’s trek to Daxia. Agreeing, the group sets off and finds themselves in Ry’rian.

Since they happen to be in the city, the Riftbusters decide to drop in on Darwin and his group, just to see how they’re doing.

They spend most of the morning and a little into the afternoon catching up and Darwin invites the group to stay for the night, to which they agree, he then tells them to see the city when they get the chance.

The group doesn’t venture very far into the city, instead they spend the rest of the afternoon in Esme’s Garden, a large park district well kept by a druid conclave. Here, protected by the Royal familiy, the druids are known as refugees and operate under a slightly different set of laws that includes the free use of mind altering substances so long as it is done only within the conclave. Because of this, the conclave happens to draw in a lot of tourists and visitors.

The group roams around the conclave and Bartok finds himself having a conversation with someone who happens to be selling many different trinkets. They manage to convince Bartok that he is in need of a special stone and Bartok nearly shells out the 500 gold neccessary before Rayis trades an extraplaner seashell for it.

Rayis, curious, takes a hit of a substance called a “dream walker” and finds himself under the influence for a bit.

Eventually, they return to the castle and have a pleasant conversation and dinner with the rest of their friends before setting off the next morning.

Darwin gives the group several horses for their trek to Daxia and the Riftbusters manage to make it to the city before sundown. When they arrive, they split up with Rayis who heads to the temple first. The group makes their way to Boscoe’s shop, where they run into Halen, called by Boscoe. There Boscoe explains that there may be a permanent way to save Raneth’s parents.

The rifts or gates are powered by a specific ritual. Boscoe believes that if one destroys the runes on the ritual circle of the gate, it could close the rift. He warns, however, that destroying the runes on the other side may lead to being stuck on the other side, unable to return. He advises caution. But destroying the runes aren’t so simple, aside from the fact that these runes may not be receptive to normal magicks or harm, he also adds that in the readings of the journal he is translating there have been mention of creatures, beasts, and entities guarding the rifts. He tells them that they must unchain these guards first above all else.

With this in mind, the group resolves to go to Tyrgaria, although without Halen, who stays behind and with Rayis who rejoins.

Together the group sets off to Tyrgaria which is a few days trek away from Daxia. They go past Ry’rian and continue onwards until they hit the boarder of Tyrgaria. They’re still quite a bit away from the capital city but on the outskirts of Tyrgaria they spot strange goopy humanoid figures but they’re slow and otherwise nonthreatening.

Eventually, they continue on and stop by a guard post who explains that there is a single known rift in Tyrgaria and it happens to be nearby. The weird group creatures are slow and easy to dispatch but they accumulate in the direction of the rift.

The Riftbusters set off in the direction of the rift, spotting more of the group creatures but avoiding them easily. When they reach a more wooded area, they find a tattered clothed boy hiding behind a tree. They attempt to coax him out but he doesn’t speak a word, instead, he points to the metal chain on his leg.

The group attempts to remove the chain which eventually turns into a spectral blue line. When they break the chain, the boy changes, tentacles bursting out of it, he grows a size bigger, naked and purple, and looms over them.


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