Forged in Stone

Bartok and Racket decide to rest, keeping an eye on Gregory, whom they have bound with rope for his friendly fire. Eventually, Gregory returns to consciousness and after some discussion, the two decide to allow Gregory to walk away safely as well if Gregory agrees to help transport the petrified Raneth, an offer which he accepts. Unfortunately, Raneth’s petrified state proves to be difficult to resolve and so Racket sets off in hopes of finding help instead. In the meantime, Bartok warns Gregory about the bounty on his head and the two work on a cover story and new identity for Gregory to take on in order to avoid this fate.

Racket returns to town safely and finds a temple. There he asks for help and runs into a Triton by the name of Rayis who is eager to help. The head cleric at the temple offers the aid of her alchemist friend who has them gather supplies in order to create a salve for Raneth. With this done, the pair returns to the Raneth and applies the salve. Thankfully, the salve works, and Raneth returns to her previous state.

Eventually, they all return to the surface, during which time Gregory leaves and Rayis decides to stay. The group then discusses their next course of action and resolves to return what they believe to be the Ancestral Mandate they retrieved from the Medusa lair to the Loreholder, who sent them off on this quest. After handing the scroll over, the Loreholder confirms that it is the Mandate and immediately takes the group to King Stormstone.

During the audience with the King, they discuss many things, including an attempt on the Kings life that the King promises to take seriously, a dragon terrorizing the Hinterlands, and the reunification of his kingdom.

After their audience, they are escorted out of the castle and the group begins their next course of action where Raneth reveals that Boscoe had contacted her, asking her to return to Daxia as soon as possible as there is something they need to discuss. The group finds an inn and spends the night there, taking the time to decide on what to do next.


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