Homeward Bound

The Minor Fall

After finding themselves in a tunnel in the hopes of retrieving the Speaker’s scouts, our heroes find themselves in another world altogether. Exiting the way they thought they came in, they find that it is not the monastery or the city of Belebrought that greets them but rather an unforgiving blizzard wrought mountainside. With the help of a local dwarf by the name of Katva, the party manages, after a two day trek, to find a village among the mountains. There they recover from the exhausting and dangerous trek to find themselves lost without a way home.

Luckily, they literally run into a young human man, barely out of his adolescence that claims he can help. After explaining the state of the worlds they live in and that they have found themselves in a godless world, the heroes and new companion trek back up the way they came, intent on summoning a demon or an angel to aid in their quest home.

Unsure of what to do when they arrive back at the cave, the young man’s appearance shifts and alters. A being known only as “friend” has taken over their new companion and convinces them to allow him to take them to the shadowfell where they may find a way home. Instead, the heroes find themselves somewhere else, somewhere none of them know.

There they hear an ominous sound from afar and after knocking on a nearby house door, are told to run. They find shelter in an abandoned and overturned house in a secret cellar where they are attacked by magic armor. In the very small space, they manage to beat it, and find themselves resting for the night, all while they same ominous sound continues to ring in the distance.


shadoweddark shadoweddark

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