Into the New World

With Rough Hands and Sore Eyes

Upon return to Daxia, the party finds themselves conversing with Del who explains that there is one more task they must accomplish in order for her friend to be willing to help them with their travels. Her friend asks that the group gather three basilisk eggs from a nearby nest and return with them in tact. Accepting this task, the group finds themselves brainstorming for the safest options.

They pay a visit to Maggie who’s weary about this task and gives them a few things in hopes that they’ll help, including two salves that should help with petrification if the need arrises. She also advises that the group leave at night when the creatures are sleeping as that is the safest option.

Eventually, our heroes set out and sneak into the lair at night where they eventually find sleeping basilisks. Unfortunately, they are only able to steal a single egg before escaping in fear of total failure.

Upon return to Daxia, they find themselves in an inn and rest for the night, deciding to postpone any talks of progress until the next morning.

Later, they find themselves in Del’s shop where they explain their failure to retrieve the three eggs but offer their single one nonetheless. Del then tells them that her friend was convinced to drop the payment. The group deduces that it was likely Maggie who had convinced the Headmaster of the Lunar mage tower to go easy on them. Apparently, between Del and Maggie, our heroes have friends in high places.

They spend the rest of the day preparing for their journey and finding more information about the continent of Vorsha. When they feel they have sufficient information, the group summons the headmaster who teleports them to the new world and our heroes find themselves in a thick and unfamiliar jungle.

After traveling slightly aimlessly, they find themselves near a river where a figure eventually makes herself known to them. She is a native and speaks proficient enough common. After explaining that she has been watching them, they ask for the sword which Bartok presents and attempts to return. She tells them that the sword does not belong to her but that she is the guide that will take them to where they need to go.

She brings them to her village in the mountain top where the group rests for the evening after a conversation with the village elder. Most of the elven inhabitants speak no common but some do speak elvish enough for Raneth to converse. While they rest, they learn that a group of mercenaries have been causing trouble for the tribe, a group that Bartok recognizes from his past. The Stronghand Company, a group of slave traders seem to be antagonizing the locals and after a heartfelt conversation, the party decides to first complete their task of returning the relic sword before tackling Stronghand Company.


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