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The Stronghand Company are still engaged in battle when Darvon falls but Bartok picks up Darvon’s flaming sword and calls out to them, demanding that they abide by their agreement. The company, without its leader, is wrangled in by the group, releasing the prisoners they had on their ship as well. After a night spent packing and cleaning, Bartok makes it known to the rest of the party that he is leaving with the company, hoping to reform it. Morvan, despite not completing the purpose of his own trip decides to leave as well, unwilling to let Bartok go off on his own.

The group say their tearful goodbyes, during which Bartok encourages the party to continue with their trek and to return the sword that was tasked to them. Agreeing, the party set off to continue the adventure without their barbarian.

They manage to meet up with Anhall who tells the party that her tribesman are safe, in no small part due to the party. Thankful for their help in driving away the slavers, she guides the party to the mountain elves.

It takes several days travel upstream but eventually they reach the mistlands. Anhall explains that she is unable to venture further into the mist and that the rest of the journey on foot is up to them. She departs with the advice to look towards the mountain further up as their guide.

Tying a rope together, the party makes their way into the mist and after an hour or so of seemingly no progress, they are met with a heavily armored humanoid figure. The person greets them, explaining that the high priest has divined their arrival and proceeds to guide them towards the floating stones. He introduces himself as Uresh, a half-drow paladin.

They approach the mountains where they discover that they are in fact, a collection of mountainlike pillars floating in the air, obscured from the distance by the combination of mist and the thick jungle vegetation. Awed, they watch as Uresh begins to step upwards and a staircase forms a step in front of them, disappearing from behind.

It is a long journey up to the top but after several hours of climbing, they arrive at a dark temple carved into the stone of the mountain where statues of Idon, the God that reigns over Life and Death, flank the entrance.

When they enter, they discover that the atrium is incredibly spacious and empty, with only an alter and a single robed figure on the other side of the room. The only light comes from outside, shining into the stone floor of the Sanctuary of Idon.

The robed figure approaches them, revealing herself to be a visibly aged drow whom Uresh greets as High Priest. She introduces herself as Vaalyun Pamear and knows the name of the visitors.

The party presents her with the old relic sword, given to them by the satyrs when they ventured into the Daxian underground only to end up mysteriously crossing over to the pocketplane where they met the satyr guardians of that particular Gateway Crossing.

She takes the crumbling and damaged sword from them, thanking them, and makes her way to the alter where they restore the blade to its former glory. She then offers to let the party stay as long as they like and has her acolytes show them to their quarters where they discover that it is sparsely furnished.

As the party makes themselves at home, High Priest Pamear tells Uresh of his destiny. She says that the blade, revealed to be an elven moonblade, will be bestowed to him and that he must use it to lead the party in their path. Although he protests, Uresh eventually relents, and the ceremony to attune the weapon to him begins.

An hour later, he joins the party, not revealing to him that he intends to travel with them and converses with them, hoping to get to know his new companions a little better before they all head off to sleep.


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