You've been gone so long

It takes a week for Ahl to find our heroes a way home, during which our party gets to work on restoring the church they’ve taken shelter in. Eventually, Ahl explains that he can, in fact, complete a ritual with the help of his friend, Father Coleridge and Bisclavet.

The ritual must be done at the center of town in the summoning circle at the exact hour that the night reaches it’s halfway point between sunset and sunrise. Fighting off the nightly horrors, our heroes manage to complete the ritual and find themselves transported away from the demi-plane of dread. They then find themselves held at spear point by guards adorning the crest of the Free Monastery.

The Speaker of the Monastery, after telling the guards to lower their weapons reveals to our heroes that they have been gone for five years. Shocked, our heroes are unsure how to react but the Speaker leads them to the guest house and tells them to rest. They agree to it and fall into a restless slumber as Sparks runs off to talk to the Speaker. It’s then that they realize that Ahl had not, in fact, returned with them.

With the five year skip, our heroes separate in order to take care of things as well as reorient themselves into their new old world. Raneth returns home to Tyrgaria, Bartok finds himself working with Sparks and Halen finds himself a steady job at a nearby brothel as a musician.

Weeks later, Bartok hears tell from reliable sources that there’s trouble brewing in Tygaria. Alarmed, he seeks out Halen and together the two leave Belebrought behind to reunite with their friend.

It’s a few days travel to Tyrgaria by caravan but they find themselves at the center of town. After some misunderstandings the pair manages to find Raneth. Raneth invites them into her home where they have dinner with her family and the three catch up before embarking on a hunting trip the next day.

Traveling out into a nearby forest by horseback, they arrive in dense forested grove where Raneth’s family Summer house resides. After spending some time relaxing and attempting to hunt and fish, they enter the home only to find that it has been in use. Curious, they begin their investigation, hoping to get to the bottom of this strange circumstance.


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