Rift Sickness

Venturing further out into the forest, our heroes run across another band of adventurers, lead by a woman named Naella. They find that the adventurers have been disrupting the business of a group of bandits called the Copper Raiders. It is likely that the Copper Raiders, who have been attempting to expand their territory into Tyrgaria, were the ones to break into the summer house.

Deciding that there is a mutual benefit to cooperating, our heroes group up with this party of adventurers in order to ambush and destroy the Copper Raider stronghold nearby. After some scuffles with a troll and some half ogres, our heroes manage to infiltrate and eventually free a set of prisoners the Copper Raiders were holding.

One of the prisoners, Racket, decides to tag along with our group of adventurers and together, the four of them part ways with the other party to return to Tyrgaria.

Unfortunately, upon arrival at Tyrgaria, Raneth finds that her father’s illness has progressed further and that her mother is now infected as well. Worried and unable to sit still, Raneth decides to venture off to Belebrought in order to gain the aid of Speaker who may have more information about this “Rift Sickness”.

On the way to Belebrought, our heroes stop in Cindervynn to run some errands as well as pay a visit to Halen‘s hometown, hoping to see his father. Unfortunately, Angel, Halen’s father was not in town and after gaining information about his whereabouts, the group decides to continue onward to Belebrought.

When they finally arrive at Belebrought a week later, having lost their horses along the way, Bartok stops by to visit the Twins, hoping to gather more information as Raneth and Halen manage to converse with a cleric in order to learn more.

Eventually, they gain an audience with the Speaker, who advises that divine communion may be the only way answer. He tells them that in order to commune with the Gods, they must go to places touched by the gods, most of which are on another continent. With this knowledge in mind, the group agrees to set off to Daxia, the mage capital of Cesmaria in hopes to find someone who may be able to get them to the other continent quickly.


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