The Road into Daxia

On the recommendation of the Speaker, our adventurers, after a brief supply trip to the bazaar pay for a trip to Daxia in hopes of finding someone to help transport them into the other continent as quickly as possible.

The trip is relatively mundane and except for a minor encounter with a pair of trolls, our heroes make it into Daxia without much fanfare.

Daxia, the mage capital of Cesmaria, can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Luckily, the group has Halen to lead them around. As it turns out, Halen is a member of the local bard college and has spent a year or two in the city.

They visit the college and there meet Magdalena- Maggie, Halen’s mentor, who explains to them that a trip to the next continent is not as easy as it seems. The kind of magic needed is dangerous and difficult to accomplish. She suggests that a wizard may be able to help but unfortunately, there is very little she can do.

Our adventurers leave, finding themselves out of luck, when they remember that Darwin had suggested that if they ever end up Daxia, to visit his old mentor Del, an artificer of considerable repute.

Del owns a shop called Del’s Alley, where she sells magic items that she either procures or creates on her own. They request to meet with her and upon name dropping Darwin, she is more than happy to answer their questions.

They ask her about how possible it is for her to aid them and while she initially echoes Maggie’s sentiment about it being difficult and nearly impossible, offers them a possible solution. There is no guarantee it will work and she has to call in all her favors, but there may be someone she knows that can help. She explains that teleportation spells are only done by incredibly powerful magic users and even then, a chance of failure is still possible, especially if it’s someplace the spellcaster is not familiar with. Unfortunately, the next continent is not very well charted or visited and the spellcaster she knows has never been there but with enough information, may still be able to do it, however the chances of failure are still high. And there in lies another problem – if they get there, they will not be able to get back, she offers them a solution to this too. Del has the ability to create a spell stone, where a magic user can store a spell in the stone for other’s to use at any point. Unfortunately, for such a powerful spell, a powerful stone is needed. Luckily, Del knows where they may procure this stone – underneath the city itself far past the sewer system and into the caverns. The trek is dangerous, many experiments gone wrong and strange beasts lies underneath, but it is their best chance at quick travel.

Accepting these terms, our heroes venture off under the city, hopeful that they are able to succeed.

They travel for quite a long time, a day passes with no dangerous encounters other than a brief scuffle with troglodytes while they sleep, but the caverns are strangely empty for the majority of their trek.

That is until an incredibly large creature attacks them from underneath, nearly killing them all.


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