Through the Gateway

The battle with the large creature, which they later find out is a bulliete, nearly falls our companion but still they manage to succeed. Bartok finishes the beast in a truly gruesome and impressive blow. Unfortunately, even after killing it, the scuffle had destroyed the integrity of the tunnels and causes a dangerous cave-in. Rushing away, the group barely manages to escape with their lives only to immediately be attacked by cavern dwellers that attack their heads, constricting their breathing.

The battle is tough for our already tired adventuring party but they manage to kill all four creatures that attacked. With this, our party decides to move to a safer area to rest.

They sit for a little bit, trying to catch their breaths and mull over the two skirmishes.

When they feel ready, the group continues to adventure forward. For awhile, nothing happens, and they climb deeper and deeper into the underdark until they finally hear, hours later, the rushing sound of water.

Curious as to why there is running water so far underground, the group cautiously investigates, where they find what seems to be a running stream. Nearby, a group of dog-like animals watches them carefully.

They manage to avoid any confrontation with the animals and continue forward.

After a few more minutes, they begin to see the faint glow of green light, one that glows brighter and brighter as they approach. Eventually, they find the source of the light, a giant cavern opening with glowing blue and green crystals all around. Different, strange and unfamiliar but beautiful creatures dwell in this area but mostly pay them no mind.

Awestruck, they don’t notice that they are being surrounded, and are ambushed by a group of drow. The drow, to the credit, does not immediately attack, instead they demand an explanation for the group’s wandering on what they claim to be “sacred ground”

The group attempts to explain but it’s not until a satyr commands them to stand down that the drow allow our party to pass.

The satyr brings the party into a familiar looking runic circle, where three other satyrs meet them. There the heroes explain their plight and the satyrs agree to help in return for a favor – a delivery to the next continent in exchange for an amulet that should delay the sickness that has infected Raneth’s family members.

The party agrees, although not without hesitation.

The party questions the satyrs on the nature of these runic circles and their existence and manage to learn a bit more about the new world they live in. That being said, there is still much they don’t know.


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