When You Dig My Grave Can You Make It Shallow So I Can Feel The Rain

Returning from the peek of the mountain, trekking slowly downward as a cool fog settles in, the party returns to the sanctuary grounds where U’resh begins to feel a strange sense of loss coming from his sword. As he begins to walk around the grounds, he discovers that the sensation becomes stronger or weaker depending on where he walks. After following the feeling, he finds himself in front of a simple plaque that bears only the symbol of Idon on it. After the group surmises that the plaque is a marker for the dead and U’resh realizing that the sensation could not possibly grow stronger, the group begins to dig, optimistic that they might find something.

It’s a shot in the dark but it’s the only clue they have.

While the acolytes are initially apprehensive, they do allow the group to dig, so long as to not disturb the remains. Fortunately, after days of dry bones and random digging, they find the old bones of a human body and with it, a bag containing a single book. As they thumb through the pages of the book, the group finds that none of them can recognize the language, let alone read it, and after approaching the High Priest, she confesses that she also doesn’t know the language.

Resolving to find a translator, the group departs from the Sanctuary of Idon and the continent of Vorsha, returning to Daxia. Upon arrival, they find a surprised Darwin, sporting a new very noticeable injury on his face, and after brief conversation, learn that his party has been split up. That Drava and Naella are both missing and that ChrenKrix Chren is dead. Vere is also nearby, hoping to learn more news and Darwin himself is still recovering and hiding. The group parts with Darwin, but not after Darwin suggests they visit a store called Books and Bobbles for a translator, U’resh walks off on his own, exploring the city, and everyone else follows Halen to see his mentor.

When they meet with Maggie, she tells Halen that she’s looked for his father like he had asked and heard that Mr. Glider had found a permanent residence in the dwarven city of Ostcliff. He thanks her and they trade tales while also inducting Racket into the Bardic arts.

After some time, they part ways with Maggie. The group then makes a quick stop at Books and Bobbles where they discover that the journal they hold is written entirely in Infernal, a language very few speak let alone write, and that a translation for the whole text could take months. Deciding to hold onto the book for now and shop around in hopes of a faster translator or a cheaper one, the group decides to rent rooms at an inn where they get some much needed rest.


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