With Strong Hands

The party sets off with their guide, Ka-Anhall to the site of the mountain elves. The journey is said to take several days floating upstream. Unfortunately, they are interrupted when, near the end of their first day, they spot a gravely injured dwarf. Deciding to stop, they find and manage to help him.

After conversing with them, they discover that the old dwarf’s name is Morvan Hunter, and that he is a treasure hunter from Cesmaria. He had sought voyage to Vorsha from Silkvann and paid the Stronghand Company in order to travel as they were also traveling towards Vorsha. For six months he spent time with them in close proximity with the crew of one of their two ships and befriended Darvon Stronghand. However, soon upon arrival, Morvan discovered the Stronghand’s true agenda and protested, leading to his capture and disposal in the jungle. His items are stripped away from him and after having been beaten, Morvan was left bound and abandoned in the jungle. Fortunately, Morvan is a resourceful and stout man, able to get the bindings off of himself and made his way to the river where our heroes find them.

Morvan explains to the party that Darvon, disappointed by the lack of progress, plans on smoking out the rest of the elves in the jungle, hoping that burning it to the ground would lead them out. Alarmed by this information, the party decides along with Ka-Anhall to return to the village of Ka-Vashel, putting their relic quest on hold and inform the elder.

It takes the rest of the day to return and by the time they arrive, the moon had already risen but after discussions, the Ka-Vashel tribe decides to evacuate further into the continent, sending word to other tribes to do the same while our party of heroes attempt to stop the Stronghand Company from smoking out the jungle.

Morvan directs them to the area where the Stronghands had told him they would be and there they encounter a small group having already begun a small fire. Together, they defeat the squad but not before the fire takes hold. Abandoning the plan to hunt the company, the party attempts to put the fire out.

Over time, villagers from the nearby settlements arrive to help. Doing their best to save Vorsha from the deadly blaze, they all work diligently until the last of the flames flicker away as the sun begins to rise.

When they’re done, our heroes, tired from the night, find a place to rest from a friendly settler’s home, a few miles away. There, they sleep the majority of the day away, smelling of wood fire and smoke.

When our heroes rise in the late afternoon, they find that both Halen and Morvan are gone, leaving behind a note for their friends explaining that they had gone to scout ahead, hoping to learn more and perhaps retrieve some of Morvan’s things.

Following in their friends’ footsteps and the directions of the settlers, they make their way to a tradepost where they find the Stronghand encampment. With the moon overhead, the group decides to rest once again, but not without keeping a careful eye on the company.

At some point in the night, the party retreats further into the jungle, fearful that they may have been spotted by the company. When they rise that morning, they once again spy on the encampment, searching for intel as well as any sign of their friends.

A little while later, Bartok notices a dim purple light behind him. It turns out to be both Halen and Morvan and together they rejoin the group and share what they know.

After much discussion, the group decides that the best way to defeat the Stronghands is to appeal to Darvon’s pride. They approach the company and demand a duel between Bartok and Darvon, hoping that the duel could serve as a distraction for Halen and Racket to slip onto the ships.

Darvon accepts.

Unfortunately, Bartok is unmatched fighting alone with Darvon and Morvan, seeing the danger, grabs Bartok and teleports him away when he notices the fight go to the wayside.

This causes chaos and Halen comes sprinting up, shooting bolts of magic at Darvon. At this point, with the duel dissolved, a fullscale fight begins between those of the Stronghand Company there and our heroes.

With Halen near death and the help of Morvan, the party is able to lay the finishing blow on Darvon but now find themselves with a dead company leader with the company still standing.


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