Ahl Sphitz

"I... call him friend."


A very young clumsy and pathetic looking human boy barely out of his teens. Wears glasses, has frosted hair, and speaks with a slight accent and lisp.


Known as the “magic man” in the little village community in the Winterfall, Spits, as most call him, is a traveler that makes his way to the Winterfall several times a year for studies. He runs into our heroes there and convinces them to summon a demon, where in it is revealed that he shares a body with a being he calls “Friend”

Friend takes the party and transports them to another plane with the original intent to venture into the shadowfell. After a brief encounter with a magic piece of armor, Spits’ body falls over, unconscious as Friend retreats.

Since then, its been explained that Friend cannot just come and go as he pleases and his possessions of Spits causes the body to weaken considerably.

Ahl Sphitz

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