Bartok Ironclaw

"You mess with the bear, you get the claws."


Orc Ranger
STR: 17
DEX: 14
CON: 16
INT: 6
WIS: 12
CHA: 8


Never one to pass up a brawl, Bartok is always there to crack in the skulls of cowards who don’t pick fights with people their own size. Raised in the Ironclaw tribe of half-orcs, Bartok was the son of the clan’s Warchief, Bromman. Under the tutelage of his elders, Bartok honed his skills in close-combat in hopes of becoming one of the tribe’s strongest warriors. However, he was stripped of his home when human slavers banded together with the Ironclaws’ rival tribe to kill all of the Ironclaw warriors, capturing any survivors. Bartok had failed to protect his clansmen, and was whisked away by sea off to a foreign land.

When he arrived, Bartok was sold from slaveowner to slaveowner until he landed in the hands of a quirky elderly gnome, who offered to release Bartok from his bondage if the barbarian would participate in the undercity’s pit fighting rings. Bartok saw a chance at freedom, and took up his offer. Soon, he and the gnome became close companions, with the gnome mentoring Bartok on all manners of subjects, from reading and writing to navigating the undercity. Bartok also slowly climbed the ranks of the pits, earning fame and fortune as a renowned pit fighter, and a bit of coin and tricks as an enforcer on the side. But the call of the wild beckoned too strongly, and with the blessings of his gnome mentor, Bartok eventually departed on his journey to become an adventurer.

Upon enacting vengeance on the dwarf whose warband decimated the Ironclaw tribe, Bartok briefly headed the warband under a new flag. However, the call of adventure was too strong, and he left the warband in the hands of a trusted first mate to pursue a life of adventure once more. He followed his ursine spirit guide to the Barrensea deserts, where sand druids helped him re-align with nature and calm his formerly angry heart.

Upon his death at the hands of Morg the Dragon Tamer, Bartok was reincarnated as a full-blooded orc. With the call of the orc gods ringing in his head stronger than before, he is now at odds between renouncing revenge and actively seeking it.

Count on Bartok to be a fierce and loyal companion. He can be ruthless and violent, but is just as often jolly and devoted.

Bartok Ironclaw

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