Darwin Akaab

"I can probably make that."


A young looking human male artificier with particularly short hair and a bit of stubble. Tends to carry a bandolier of different potions and artifacts.

After our heroes meet up with him again, they find him sporting a rather violent burn scar across the entire left side of his face and some of the right side. He initially jokes that a dragon did it.

Later, when our heroes meet him again, his burn scar has significantly been reduced, now remaining on the upper left fourth of his face, although he implies that it will not get much better than it already has.


Has a history with the Copper Raiders. Currently in a relationship with Vere

In Daxia, he had apparently apprenticed under the woman Del who owns a successful business.

Later, after meeting him and his friends again, our heroes discover that Darwin is actually a prince. He’s the youngest son of the royal family Akab in Ry’rian and had runaway from home when he was a teenager. He several siblings, including a twin sister, all of whom are now married off. He explains to our heroes that the reason he originally ran away had to do with the restrictions of being a member of the royal family and the arrangement for him to marry Brenda, his twin sister’s lover.

Darwin later decides to return home to Ry’rian and take his friends with him because he and his friends are being hunted and the safest place for them is his childhood home. He has since settled in to Ry’rian and continues to lay low, seemingly attempting to work out a proper arrangement with his family.

Darwin Akaab

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