Drava Horncarver



A large eight foot tall goliath woman. She wears a heavy breastplate and carries two rather large swords.

She has tribal tattoos lining the back of her head to her jaw.

She doesn’t seem to talk very much, only piping up to join the conversation when it comes to tactical conversations. Her voice, as expected, is incredibly deep and she speaks slowly, as if she considers her words very carefully.

She carries a sword that occasionally glows with a dark pulsing aura.


Our heroes have learned that Drava has traveled withNaella and Veredana for quite awhile.

According to Naella, one day, while traveling, they had been ambushed by a group of bandits and Drava was hurt rather badly. It was Krix who treated her and together the four of them continued to travel together until they were joined by Darwin

Later, our heroes find Drava in a forest, protecting Naella after losing track of Vere and Darwin. She hadn’t slept in quite some time and was using guerrilla tactics in order to survive against the group that’s hunting them.

Our heroes believe that Drava is possibly targeted by The Kings

Drava Horncarver

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