Father Coleridge

"If he is in fact, a man, then it is my duty to save him."


An old frail grey haired and gaunt human man. He looks much older than he is due to his malnourishment, which isn’t saying much, and it is probably only through divine intervention that he continues to live. His voice is often hoarse from nightly prayers and he sleeps very little. He wears simple tattered clothing, finding very little time to patch the holes up.


Not much is known about Coleridge except that he was born in this town and that the history of the town has been passed down to him through old fables. Coleridge prays nightly to keep the spirits that invade the town of Tierkrieger at rest. It is through his prayers that the citizens are able to still survive.

Coleridge plays a part in restoring the Baron to his right mind with the help of the holy symbol that the party finds.

Father Coleridge

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