Morvan Hunter


A middle aged stout dwarf man with long wiry brown hair and a thick impressive although slightly unkempt beard. He has thick and large tattoos of strange patterns on the back of both his forearms, although the tattoos on each arm are different.

Morvan is a rogue, utilizing various blades. He’s also a considerably good shot with a crossbow and carries many of his relics around. In addition to his knives and crossbow, he also holds two scimitars sheathed against his back.

He also appears to posses some degree of magical abilities.


He’s a nameless Dwarf, originally hailing from Crestridge in the Dwarven Kingdom. At some point, he began adventuring, seemingly focused on hunting artifacts and treasure.

He traveled to Vorsha with Darvon, unaware of the man’s slaving background and helped our heroes bring him down.

Originally born in the Dwarven Capital of Crestridge to a minor house of nobility, Morvan had his name stripped from him when he was a relatively young dwarf for breaking a shard of the Seeker’s Stone. He had been enamored by the stone, an ancient relic broken apart and spread out across the world by the Gods.

Dishonored and exiled, Morvan sought out to restore his name and to regain the acceptance of his family. He became obsessed with the seeker’s stone, hoping that finding a shard and presenting it to the council would restore his status.

Young and naive, Morvan began his life of adventuring and treasure hunting, learning to survive on his own and making his way around the world. He had never been out of the Dwarven Cities before and now was expected to survive in exile.

During his adventures, he began to make friends and soon formed a small adventuring party with a group of outsiders. Zeljah, a Half-Orc woman cast out of her clan for her magical abilities, Krana a human wizard seeking knowledge, Dreya, a tiefling Paladin, and Vork, a Halfling Monk. Together, the Rune Seekers, as they were named, traveled the world together.

He and Zeljah played pranks on the others, stole from the local nobles, and enjoyed their time together. Dreya taught him discipline and the strength that comes with sticking to one’s principles, Vork taught him to take life in slowly and enjoy it, Krana taught him magic and acted as if she were his big sister even though he was decades older. They were his family.

Unfortunately, for all their travels and treasures, Morvan could not find the Seeker’s Stone but he found, over the years, that the object of his desires seemed to have waned now that he had a family to travel with.

Until he didn’t anymore.

The group split up when Zeljah fell in love with a human man and settled down, Krana returned to the tower to further her studies, Dreya finally found her calling in a small temple she helped build and Vork returned home to his family. Morvan was the only one still adventuring.

He supposes, that’s the way it is with the races of short lifespans.

He spent the next few years traveling on his own, making a few new friends along the way, but he was left feeling lonely and unfulfilled. He had been the only one who didn’t end up achieving his goal like everyone else had and all these trinkets and treasures didn’t seem to mean much in the long run.

He continued his search for the Seeker’s Stone and one day, he found a solid lead.

But he couldn’t do it alone. The Rune Seekers started this quest together, and dammit were they going to end it together.

He gathered the rest of the group and together they agreed to one last hurrah.

That hurrah lasted nearly a decade and he knew that he had to let his friends go. They were aging and there were things they all wanted to do but Morvan had made his peace with his long life and returned to Crestridgewith the stone, where his name was eventually restored.

He stayed in Crestridge for a year or two before setting off on his own, once more, this time fully fulfilled.

Morvan Hunter

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