Naella Mel

"Perhaps, as a show of good faith, I shall offer you the information first?"


A long haired redheaded youthful elven woman around 150(?) years old. She wears a rather unassuming cloak but underneath her cloak is an ornate garment. She also happens to be some form of magic wielder.

Naella is a kind woman, willing to engage in conversation with strangers. She enjoys telling stories and connecting with people and seems relatively quick to trust.


Our heroes run into Naella in a nearby Tyrgarian forest. There our band of adventurers and Naella’s own group of adventurer’s come to a mutually beneficial agreement to root out a nearby stronghold of the Copper Raiders.

While getting to know each other, Naella tells our heroes that she was originally from Haakon, a golden elven city that she explains exists in a pocket dimension beyond the feywild and had traveled to the material plane on her hundredth birthday. After twenty years of traveling the continent, she had run across an abandoned young half-elven girl. Deciding to adopt her as a sister, Naella then settled, knowing that she would outlive her new sister, and decided to put her adventuring on hold in order to raise her.

She and the young girl, Veredana, stayed in relative isolation, living in the forestlands. Unfortunately, when Vere had reached early adolescence, the two women discovered that their home was being cut down and were forced to move. At the time, traveling had been dangerous due to some unrest in their surrounding areas so Naella decided to hire a Goliath bodyguard by the name of Drava. Together, the three women became close and decided to stay together in their travels.

One day, while traveling, they were ambushed and it was then that they met an old eccentric gnome by the name of Krix and just like that, their little family had grown to four.

At some point, they had made their way into Daxia and it was there that they ran into a young human teenager by the name of Darwin. Together, the five continued to travel together, taking on the Copper Raiders and becoming the little band of adventurers that our heroes meet in the forest.

Naella Mel

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