Veredana Mel

"I know you weren't the ones that shot her so I'm only going to ask once: who did?"


A dark haired, young looking half elven woman who carries a bow and arrow. She doesn’t seem to go anywhere without her pet wolf.

Her arrows are specially marked as if to denote ownership. She also happens to carry a lot of leatherworking tools with her and bottles of poultices.

She’s not very agreeable and tends to wear a sneer which her sister has scolded her for.


Veredana is the adopted sister of Naella. She had been abandoned at the age of four and it was then that Naella found her. The two have been together ever since.

Together with Naella, she began traveling with Drava, Krix and Darwin. The group seems pretty close and while she doesn’t seem to be anymore agreeable to them, there is a noticeable difference in levels of hostility when she interacts with her friends.

She seems to be in a romantic relationship with Darwin

Veredana Mel

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