Rising from their rest in the oubliette, our heroes find that Ahl has returned to himself. Before they get a chance to really ask him about his friend, a knock on the door has them scrambling for their weapons. Luckily, the mysterious visitor is a harmless familiar old human. Our heroes recognize them as the person that had warned them to run the night before. Suspicious, our heroes wonder why it is that they are offering help now and not the night before.

“I was curious to see if you’d survive the night” They answered.

Still suspicious but lacking any better options, they follow this person into their home where they find a strange altar and a velvet covered table. After asking a few questions, our heroes discover that a curse has stricken this town that has trapped its inhabitants for centuries. People may come but none so far have successfully left. In order to return home, our heroes must find a way to break the curse and to do that, they need access to the only library in town, the one at a nearby keep. Unfortunately, things are rarely so simple. It turns out that the town is riddled with violent entities that have crossed over from the summoning circle and that a beast in the keep is thought to be the origin of the darkness. With this in mind, our heroes intend to set off but not before a strange scrying ritual is performed with hopes that it will guide them in the right direction.

The scrying ritual revealed some information about a “source of light” in town so the heroes head off to the chapel in town in hopes of finding it. There they discover an aged cleric who spends his nights bowed in prayer in hopes of warding off the evils in town. The cleric tells them tales about the town’s history, about a woman named Marie and the beast that hides and terrorizes the town. At the end of the tale, the cleric instructs the heroes to make their way into the chapel at the keep in hopes of finding that source of light.

They make the journey into the keep, the weather worsening as they approach. They are spotted by a pair of gold eyes but luckily avoid any conflict on the way up. As they approach the keep, they discover that it is separated from the cliff they stand upon by a huge chasm. The heroes make their ways across on a drawbridge and after arriving in the courtyard, find that the drawbridge has mysteriously raised, trapping them in the keep.

As they enter the keep, alert in case of danger, our heroes decide to separate to cover more ground. Sparks and Ahl make their ways upwards to the second floor and the rest of the party stays on the ground floor. Traveling east, they find themselves in the chapel, and there they find a holy symbol atop an aged skeleton. Believing this to be the source of light, they continue their exploration.

Moving about the keep, the heroes get into a scuffle with a pair of animated statues but easily do away with the danger before descending underground. There they find the crypts where many marble coffins are housed. The heroes open one, discovering it to be empty, and continue forward without opening more.

They attempt to descend even further but both Bartok and Halen are barred from entry, finding themselves teleported back at the top of the stairs. Luckily, Raneth is able to pass and, as the warning the fortune teller had told her about pride echoes through her mind, is able to retrieve a silver arrow from the coffin that lies there using the holy symbol they had obtained earlier.

Returning to the two men, they take a short rest before exploring the rest of the keep. Unfortunately, as they enter the throne room, all three are caught off guard by the beast.

Homeward Bound
The Minor Fall

After finding themselves in a tunnel in the hopes of retrieving the Speaker’s scouts, our heroes find themselves in another world altogether. Exiting the way they thought they came in, they find that it is not the monastery or the city of Belebrought that greets them but rather an unforgiving blizzard wrought mountainside. With the help of a local dwarf by the name of Katva, the party manages, after a two day trek, to find a village among the mountains. There they recover from the exhausting and dangerous trek to find themselves lost without a way home.

Luckily, they literally run into a young human man, barely out of his adolescence that claims he can help. After explaining the state of the worlds they live in and that they have found themselves in a godless world, the heroes and new companion trek back up the way they came, intent on summoning a demon or an angel to aid in their quest home.

Unsure of what to do when they arrive back at the cave, the young man’s appearance shifts and alters. A being known only as “friend” has taken over their new companion and convinces them to allow him to take them to the shadowfell where they may find a way home. Instead, the heroes find themselves somewhere else, somewhere none of them know.

There they hear an ominous sound from afar and after knocking on a nearby house door, are told to run. They find shelter in an abandoned and overturned house in a secret cellar where they are attacked by magic armor. In the very small space, they manage to beat it, and find themselves resting for the night, all while they same ominous sound continues to ring in the distance.


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