Forged in Stone

Bartok and Racket decide to rest, keeping an eye on Gregory, whom they have bound with rope for his friendly fire. Eventually, Gregory returns to consciousness and after some discussion, the two decide to allow Gregory to walk away safely as well if Gregory agrees to help transport the petrified Raneth, an offer which he accepts. Unfortunately, Raneth’s petrified state proves to be difficult to resolve and so Racket sets off in hopes of finding help instead. In the meantime, Bartok warns Gregory about the bounty on his head and the two work on a cover story and new identity for Gregory to take on in order to avoid this fate.

Racket returns to town safely and finds a temple. There he asks for help and runs into a Triton by the name of Rayis who is eager to help. The head cleric at the temple offers the aid of her alchemist friend who has them gather supplies in order to create a salve for Raneth. With this done, the pair returns to the Raneth and applies the salve. Thankfully, the salve works, and Raneth returns to her previous state.

Eventually, they all return to the surface, during which time Gregory leaves and Rayis decides to stay. The group then discusses their next course of action and resolves to return what they believe to be the Ancestral Mandate they retrieved from the Medusa lair to the Loreholder, who sent them off on this quest. After handing the scroll over, the Loreholder confirms that it is the Mandate and immediately takes the group to King Stormstone.

During the audience with the King, they discuss many things, including an attempt on the Kings life that the King promises to take seriously, a dragon terrorizing the Hinterlands, and the reunification of his kingdom.

After their audience, they are escorted out of the castle and the group begins their next course of action where Raneth reveals that Boscoe had contacted her, asking her to return to Daxia as soon as possible as there is something they need to discuss. The group finds an inn and spends the night there, taking the time to decide on what to do next.

Crossing Guards

When they wake the next morning, the group sets off to find a quick way to Daxia, and attempt to enlist the help of the king. Unfortunately, the guards at the front don’t recognize them but they happen to run into the Loreholder who allows the group the usage of the city’s teleportation circle. Unfortunately, there is no teleportation circle that connects from Daxia to Crestridge but there does happen to be one in Ry’rian which is a day or so’s trek to Daxia. Agreeing, the group sets off and finds themselves in Ry’rian.

Since they happen to be in the city, the Riftbusters decide to drop in on Darwin and his group, just to see how they’re doing.

They spend most of the morning and a little into the afternoon catching up and Darwin invites the group to stay for the night, to which they agree, he then tells them to see the city when they get the chance.

The group doesn’t venture very far into the city, instead they spend the rest of the afternoon in Esme’s Garden, a large park district well kept by a druid conclave. Here, protected by the Royal familiy, the druids are known as refugees and operate under a slightly different set of laws that includes the free use of mind altering substances so long as it is done only within the conclave. Because of this, the conclave happens to draw in a lot of tourists and visitors.

The group roams around the conclave and Bartok finds himself having a conversation with someone who happens to be selling many different trinkets. They manage to convince Bartok that he is in need of a special stone and Bartok nearly shells out the 500 gold neccessary before Rayis trades an extraplaner seashell for it.

Rayis, curious, takes a hit of a substance called a “dream walker” and finds himself under the influence for a bit.

Eventually, they return to the castle and have a pleasant conversation and dinner with the rest of their friends before setting off the next morning.

Darwin gives the group several horses for their trek to Daxia and the Riftbusters manage to make it to the city before sundown. When they arrive, they split up with Rayis who heads to the temple first. The group makes their way to Boscoe’s shop, where they run into Halen, called by Boscoe. There Boscoe explains that there may be a permanent way to save Raneth’s parents.

The rifts or gates are powered by a specific ritual. Boscoe believes that if one destroys the runes on the ritual circle of the gate, it could close the rift. He warns, however, that destroying the runes on the other side may lead to being stuck on the other side, unable to return. He advises caution. But destroying the runes aren’t so simple, aside from the fact that these runes may not be receptive to normal magicks or harm, he also adds that in the readings of the journal he is translating there have been mention of creatures, beasts, and entities guarding the rifts. He tells them that they must unchain these guards first above all else.

With this in mind, the group resolves to go to Tyrgaria, although without Halen, who stays behind and with Rayis who rejoins.

Together the group sets off to Tyrgaria which is a few days trek away from Daxia. They go past Ry’rian and continue onwards until they hit the boarder of Tyrgaria. They’re still quite a bit away from the capital city but on the outskirts of Tyrgaria they spot strange goopy humanoid figures but they’re slow and otherwise nonthreatening.

Eventually, they continue on and stop by a guard post who explains that there is a single known rift in Tyrgaria and it happens to be nearby. The weird group creatures are slow and easy to dispatch but they accumulate in the direction of the rift.

The Riftbusters set off in the direction of the rift, spotting more of the group creatures but avoiding them easily. When they reach a more wooded area, they find a tattered clothed boy hiding behind a tree. They attempt to coax him out but he doesn’t speak a word, instead, he points to the metal chain on his leg.

The group attempts to remove the chain which eventually turns into a spectral blue line. When they break the chain, the boy changes, tentacles bursting out of it, he grows a size bigger, naked and purple, and looms over them.

The Rise of a New World
many sessions later

After a harrowing battle, the mindflayer fails in eating any of our heroes and lays dead at their feet. Our heroes, unable to find the source of the rift decide to continue to follow where they remember the spectral blue chain leading them. They end up wandering out of the tree grove and run into two Tyrgarian soldiers. The soldiers, recognizing Sir Raneth offer to lead them to the fort they were stationed at. The fort welcomes the group and offers them shelter for the night.

In the middle night, our heroes were awoken to sounds of chaos in the fort. Curious, they exit their bunks and find the fort in an emergency state. It is explained that some black ooze army is marching and wreaking havoc across the countryside. Our heroes climb the walls of Fort Bromark and see a large scale battle occurring off in the near distance. Wanting to help, they gear up, and after talking with the officers in charge discover that a seemingly endless supply of black ooze creatures continue to besiege the countryside. Wanting to find the source, our heroes borrow horses and set off in the direction they believed the monsters were coming from.

They find themselves at a wooded area, not too far from where they had fought the mindflayer and lead a charge through a wave of ooze monsters, fighting their way through but not without taking a few hits on the way. As they continue further, they encounter a trio of people. After a short conversation, they surmise that the trio was sent to stall them and they decide to push on through.

There they find an open rift and venture through it. Unfortunately, the otherside cages them in a magical runic circle. A woman on the otherside stands as the guardian and, although not hostile, doesn’t seem to be able to help. After talking to her for some time, they conclude that, while she means no ill intent towards them, something or someone holds her captive and, should our heroes continue any further, she would be forced to attempt to kill them. Still, despite what keeps her from telling them everything she’d like to, she is able to communicate to our heroes, the way out.

Our heroes end up leaving and returning to their native plane. However, when they return, they discover that several hours have passed as now dawn is on the horizon and in the distance, they see a large ancient dragon rapidly approaching.

Sir Raneth recongizes the dragon as the Emperor Yvas. The great dragon leader that protects Wesdrachen. Unfortunately, with the approach of Yvas, so too comes a cracking in the sky. A huge tear that reveals, on the otherside, some place else. There, hoards and hoards of too-far-away-to-be identified things enter Kres as well as two black dragons who make a beeline for Yvas.

The group decide to return to Fort Brommack and find the Fort half demolished. Above them, Yvas fights fiercely with the two slightly smaller but still huge black dragons. Despite this, the Tyrgarian soldiers seem to be making progress pushing back the black ooze creatures.

Our heroes decide to help Yvas and enter the remains of the fort in hopes of readying siege weapons. Unfortunately, Yvvas is wrestled to the ground by the two dragons inside the fort. Our heroes scramble up the parapets and ready the siege weapons.
Unfortunately, the firing of the siege weapons draws the attention of the black dragons which brings an onslaught of acid down onto them, robbing Prince Rayis of his life.

Thankfully, Yvas manages to help save the rest of our heroes by drawing the two dragons away and eventually slaying them as the morning sun rises into the afternoon and the giant tear in the sky repairs itself, almost as if a divine hand had a role in it all.

Battered and defeated, the Riftbusters sought shelter. Raneth, desperate to find out about her home and family, suggests they return to the capital city of Tyrgaria and so our heroes went, carrying the body of Rayis with them.

When they arrive, they find that Tyrgaria is only in marginally better shape than the fort. The city itself does not seem to have any creatures wreaking havoc when they arrive, however, destroyed homes, buildings, and townsmen desperately upending the broken stones in search for survivors amongst the smell of ash and smoke tell them that Tyrgaria did not have an easy night.

They rush to the castle that Raneth grew up in and find that it has been turned into a makeshift hospital/refugee center. There, they find Raneth’s sister Frigelda, leading the relief effort and discover that the members of House Thunder were safe, managing to flee elsewhere but Frigelda stayed, feeling that her leadership was needed in these trying times.

Raneth offers the family crypts as a safe place for Rayis’ body and the group enlists the help of a dragonborn druid named Gendel who had been helping with the relief effort to care for the body. Gendel finds, on Rayis’ body, a letter detailing his last wishes to return his body to his home. Feeling obligated, the group decides to pursue this quest but not before Raneth explains that she feels the need to stay in Tyrgaria now that it’s in peril, however, she has enlisted the help of Boscoe’s grandson Doxy to replace her, explaining that Doxy is making the trek over as they speak.

In the meantime, Frigelda informs the Riftbusters plus Gendel that new intelligence has found what they believe to be the source of the black ooze monsters and asks that they lend their aid. Along with a few scouts, the group sets off.

There they meet a mage being who seems to have some control of the ooze monsters and after ambushing him, do manage to defeat him. Unfortunately he leaves no body behind, just the equipment that is on his person.

Thankfully, with his death, so goes the ooze creatures and the group returns back to House Thunder to help rebuild.

They spend a few days there helping and prepping to return Rayis’ body as they await Doxy’s arrival. There they learn that Tyrgaria was not the only place where tragedy struck. It seems, on the night of the ooze battle, several simultaneous attacks took place in different parts of Cesmaria, including a woman who has taken over Belebrought who calls herself the Blood Queen, a man on the northern side of Tyrgaria named Morg who wreaks havoc on a dragon, an undead army marching around North of them and many more tragedies that leaves at least one city as little more than a crater in the ground.

Still, despite this information, the group, when Doxy arrives, decides to venture northward where Gendel believes there to be a portal to the water plane they could access. However, in order to reach their destination, they must venture through the heart of the Cesmarian region of Wesdrachen where the undead army marches and where Morg apparently patrols. Upon their first day, they are accosted by three young red dragons which they manage to defeat. Seeking shelter, Gendel points them to a secret druid grove, known as the Grove of Life. Upon arrival, they find people already there, having also sought refuge. Most of them are random travelers picked up by a trio of druids protecting them and there they spend the night.

The druids warn the party against the journey as it is dangerous and that they are unlikely to succeed without cost. The party reluctantly decide to leave Rayis’ body in the grove-at least until they can dispatch some of the more immediate threats on their trek to the northern coast.

They spend the night there and in the morning, find themselves face to face with an old friend – Halen, who had traveled in hopes of finding his friends safe. Together they discuss their next course of action.

Eventually, the group decide to scout out the immediate threats-influenced by two young refugee boys asking for their help in finding their parents, hoping to find someone to give them more information on Morg. They run into a goblin and an orc arguing over bodies in a cart. The group manage to question them and decide to sneak into the camp.

Their plan involves having Halen and Bartok bring in Doxy as a sacrifice to Morg’s dragon whilst Racket sneaks around the camp.

They succeed in deceiving the camp as well as Morg himself, who acts quite friendly to Halen and Bartok. Unfortunately for Doxy, as he is a rather unusual looking person, he is singled out as prime material for the dragon.

The group first watches in horror as the dragonlings are released into a small corral where they tear into prisoners before Doxy is marched forward to be sacrificed to the large black dragon that Morg rides.

Morg jumps on his dragon’s back as Doxy is marched forward. Halen decides to turn invisible and follow Doxy close behind in order to hand Doxy his items as he had been stripped upon his arrival at the encampment. Racket, with the bag of devouring in his hand, rushes the corral in an attempt to remove the dragon from the picture.

Unfortunately, this fails and the dragon, begins to fly upward but not before Bartok manages to climb on.

On the dragon’s back, Bartok engages in a short but fierce battle with Morg while his friends look up from down below – managing to blend in with the crowd by tricking the crowd into chanting support for Morg.

Unfortunately, Morg gets the upper hand and right as he is about to slay Bartok, an offer is made which Bartok refuses. Bartok then, with the last of his will and energy, decides to throw himself off the dragon where he falls to the ground.

His friends race towards Bartok’s body and find their friend lifeless.

Distressed and emotional, they end up arguing, and Racket ends up leaving the group to seek out Raneth.

Halen and Doxy end up carrying Bartok’s body back to the grove where they ask the druids if there is anything they could possibly do. The druids inform them that there is a ritual they can attempt but that it is difficult, expensive, and that it would be most successful if those closest to Bartok partake.

They spend the next day gathering supplies for the ritual upon which Raneth arrives with Racket.

More discussions are had before the ritual is attempted and to their relief, it succeeds but not without some changes. Bartok’s body is wrapped in vines and emerges as a full blooded orc.

Now our heroes must decide what is next in their adventure.


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