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  • Free Monastery

    Tucked in the corner of the city of Belebrought behind its own walls sits the Free Monastery and its order. It is open to the public and welcomes nearly all religions. Here there is no divide between race, class, or gender, there is only pure divine …

  • "Cult"

    An organization or group of people [[Marie | Marie]] only refers to as "the cult". They seem to be the ones responsible for sending [[Tierkrieger | Tierkrieger]] into the demi-plane.

  • Twin's Reach

    An illegal network run by a pair of identical twins. One is an artificer and the other an alchemist. They have their hands in smuggling, gambling, prostitution, and much more. They seem to be based out of [[Belebrought | Belebrought's]] undercity. …

  • Stronghand Company

    A slaver Mercenary Company based out of Silkvann lead by a dwarf named Darvon Stronghand. [[:bartok-ironclaw | Bartok]] has a history with them.

  • The Kings

    A name given to an organization of dangerous assassins due to the fact that it is believed that they were the ones who successfully assassinated the King of [[Belebrought | Belebrought]] years ago. No one really knows who they are, what they are, or even …

  • Riftbusters

    The Riftbusters is our group of adventurers. They primarily operate in Cesmaria and are tentatively hunting the source of the strange tears in reality throughout Kres. Brought together by accident, this group of wanderers accidentally found themselves …

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