A giant sprawling city separated into three distinct sub-cities. The Upper District, the Midsection and the Undercity.

The Upper District is separated from the rest of the city by enormous walls that are patrolled and watched closely by the High Watch. Within the Upper District the region’s emperor resides as well as the governor of the city. Here the noblest of blood and the highest of titles make their homes. Entrance into the district requires special permission.

The Midsection is where most of the city’s inhabitants work, play, eat and sleep. Its bustling bazaar brings even those from the Upper District over to shop. It is here where the heart of the city really is and most travelers find themselves staying here.

The Undercity is separated from the rest of Belebrought by a channel of water that flows between the Midsection and the Undercity from the Upper District. This is where the poor and impoverished live and make their lives. That isn’t to say this area doesn’t have its charms. The city guards patrol the area but for the most part tends to leave it alone. After all, their trouble doesn’t tend to spread across the channel and they aren’t paid enough to handle it – or perhaps they’re paid too much to look away.

At the corner of the city, sectioned off from all three districts is the Free Monastery. Here they welcome all religions and mostly govern themselves but those who know politics are aware of the influence the Free Monastery’s Order carries. Here an unspoken truce is understood between all. Here there is no class, no race, nothing but faith and they’d like for you to keep it that way. The temple is the grandest of all the land and many make the trek to commune with their gods, whomever they may be. The monastery is huge, like a small village itself but not everyone is allowed past the temple itself.


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