The beast haunting the keep at Tierkrieger is believed to be the source of the curse that lays waste to the land of Tierkrieger. It is supposedly immortal.


As it turns out, the beast is not the source of the darkness in Tierkrieger although he does seem to be a catalyst.


Born a lycanthrop, Bisclavet had the ability to transform back and forth from human to wolf except for forced shifts under the full moon. During his shifts, Bisclavet had full control but would retreat into the woods to keep his secret. As the baron of Tierkrieger, Bisclavet ruled with his wife. After his wife inquires about his frequent excursions into the woods, the baron decides to tell her. At first, she seemed frightened but understanding, however, unbeknownst to him, she began to hatch a plan with a knight of their court to slay her husband.

When the moment came, Bisclavet, enraged at this act of betrayal, shifted into a hybrid form with no control and rampaged his keep, killing anyone and everyone inside. In the morning, Bisclavet returned to his senses and upon the discovery of his bloodshed had become horrified by the monster he’d become. Unable to shift back into either human or wolf, he believed that the monstrous form he had taken was punishment for his actions. He retreated into his keep while the townsmen spread stories and rumors about the massacre.

The tales of the beast in the keep that had killed the baron, baroness and the court traveled far and wide, attracting many hunters and curious adventurers. The baron, evaded all of them except for a woman named Marie. Marie seemed to understand him and saw that he wasn’t just a mindless feral beast but that there was something more.

Unfortunately, Marie was murdered and her death lead the beast into true despair once again and his mind was seemingly lost until our heroes manage to restore it. Grateful to them, the baron vows to help the party return home and hopes to restore his land to its former glory.


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