The magic capital of Kres

Daxia is well known for its lax regulations on magic and alchemical experimentation which can often cause issues for its citizens but luckily, it is governed and policed by a council of magic users that helps resolve dangerous issues.

It is also the center for magic trade. There are often many shops and private citizens who are looking to buy ingredients for their various experiments.

Most of the citizens are magic users and often use magical means of changing their appearance. It is for this reason that the well known motto “Don’t trust anything you see in Daxia”, originates.

Magic is not an uncommon sight and may sometimes shock visitors unused to it. For Daxians, magic is almost mundane, often using it for something as simple as cleaning or carrying something heavy.

Daxia is the only city in the world with two mage towers, built in a way that aligns with the constellations. The two mage towers are built in separate districts but often interacts.

It is also houses an organized headquarters for the Cesmarian Bard College in the market district. It is there that most of the citizens can hear storytellers sing their songs and teach children the lore and history of the world.

The market district is a bustling place of magical commerce. Shops are almost always looking to buy and collect things from travelers with potential magical ingredients.

While there are temples in the city, they seem to be far and few.

With so many magic users concentrated in one area, strange things tend to happen in Daxia, including a very extensive underground system far past the sewer system that attracts strange creatures and where monstrosities run amok.

All the districts in Daxia are named after schools of magic.

Notable Places
Del’s Alley

  • A magical shop run by a woman named Del
    Green Sour Apple Inn
  • An inn the Market district
    Bard College
  • Headquarters of the Cesmarian Bard Coalition
  • Only registered bards can gain access to the buildings although the campus is open to the public
  • Maggie’s office is here.
    Mage Tower Luna
  • Headmaster Kana runs the tower
  • The towers are restricted to the public.
    Books and Bobbles
    Boscoe an old blue male tiefling with sawed off horns, relatively friendly


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