A huntress from an old fable in the town of Tierkrieger. She died many years ago from a lynch mob at the center of town.

The Fable

The old tale the cleric tells them describes Marie as a huntress from outside of Tiekrieger. She came after hearing rumors of a giant beast wreaking havoc on the town.

She was eventually sacrificed after a cult had convinced the town that she was sympathizing with the beast. The sacrifice is believed to be the catalyst that opened the gateway for more demons and spirits to wander into Tierkrieger.

After Death

Raneth found her tomb in the crypts of the keep. Beneath her body was a silver arrow.

Journals and History

Our heroes find her journals in the Keep, and upon inspection learn that she had befriended the beast and that the beast was not in fact a mindless creature but rather a sentient one. Marie believed the beast to be the Baron of the keep. During her stay in Tierkrieger, she grew suspicious of a group she called the cult and began to spy and steal information from them. She was unable to really determine their goals but it seems that their claim of saving the town from the beast was a lie and that they were really attempting to accomplish something incredibly dark and evil.

Her final journal entry simply reads, “I think they know”


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