Ry’rian was originally an urban elven city that has, in the last 3 centuries been overtaken by a human court. It is governed by the royal Akaab family.

The city is designed as a circular city, the districts form rings around the center, where the castle resides.

The first ring around the castle is primarily a garden/park area. Several druid communes reside here in an area called “Esme’s Garden” or “The Garden of Dreams” The druids came a century ago when they were displaced by a long forgotten disaster, often attributed to a dragon attack. Fearing that they’ll roam around too freely, the governing party decided to acknowledge their refugee status and designated an area for them. The Garden of Dreams is now a tourist location. The druids are known to sell “cultural goods” that may only be used in the privacy of one’s homes or in the commune.

While most of the racial climate has quelled, there are some pockets of still angry elves for the loss of their city.


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