The second large continent on Kres. It is sparsely inhabited with only small coastal settlements and natives calling this place home.

It is a largely jungle terrain. The climate is often hot and humid, particularly near the coast, and has a a large grand river that runs through the majority of the continent.

Wildlife roams free here with many strange creatures, believed to have descended from both the feywild and the shadowfell, roaming relatively free.

Notable Places:

Floating Stones: A collection of floating mountains behind the Mistlands. The mountains houses the Sanctuary of Idon and its drow acolytes. Not much is known about this sanctuary or the people that live there. The high priest of the sanctuary is named Vaalyun Pamear.

Mistlands: A thick collection of mist that seems perpetual near the floating stones. It is almost certainly endued with some form of magic.

Treetop Village of Ka Vashal: A village built in the tall thick trees of the jungle in Vorsha. Very few of them speak fluent common but most seem to be able to communicate in Elvish at the very least. Ka-Anhall is a member of this tribe.


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