The Empire of Wesdrachen, ruled by the Emperor Yvas, an Ancient Silver Dragon is said to be as old as the empire itself. Wesdrachen has had a history of isolationism, although it has expanded from its mountainous archipelago onto the North Eastern coast of the Cesmarian continent due to the more fertile land found on the mainland.

The empire’s expansion onto the Cesmarian mainland has caused some social issues with the traditionalists in the islands.

Yvas, who has many titles, rarely leaves their throne room at the top of the Sverundar mountains. The high priests serve as Yvas’ voice nowadays. Yvas is incredibly protective over the Dragonborn race as a whole. It is said that all Dragonborns are in some way descended from Yvas themselves.

Wesdrachen is known for having the strongest navy force in Kres, mostly due to the fact that their empire consists mainly of a collection of islands.

Important Notes:

General Uuvinda of Migarott: Headof the Military
Syffe Valstrom : Head of the Navy
High Priest Loklar of Barkrona: Head Priest
Hall of the Lords: The main government building where the Lords and Lady’s gather for assembly
Emperor’s Day: A celebration of Yvas and the Empire as a whole. Yvas often does flybys of his empire on this day.
Sunlighting Festival: Cultural Holiday


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